When you are looking for help with construction legal issues, you need a team with experience, expertise and an awareness of the processes in construction and development. Brookfields has a highly experienced team that deals with all aspects of construction law, from the initial decisions on how to structure a construction project, through to the contract stage, including dealing with any problems that may occur.

A construction contract is the cornerstone of the relationship between the owner or developer and the contractor who undertakes the physical work to create the owner's vision. The key to a successful relationship is a contract which clearly and unambiguously describes the obligations of the parties. A construction contract is often the result of a tender process. With clear tender and contract documents, and a well organised tender evaluation process, considerable certainty can be achieved for both the owner and the successful contractor. Getting the terms, processes and documents right at the early stages of the project can reduce both cost and risk for owner and contractor.

Disputes between owners, contractors, subcontractors and consultants arise for a variety of reasons. While a well drafted contract can reduce the likelihood of a dispute, in the administration of the contract, the unforeseeable sometimes occurs. When a dispute arises Brookfields has the experience to direct clients to the best method of resolution, and a team to support clients through what is often a technical and demanding process.

Your team at Brookfields is focussed and efficient. We can move fast to resolve any queries or problems and we know that the bottom line is about getting your project completed. We are not about being the biggest, but we are about working for you.

You will get expert advice on:

  • Tendering processes and documentation
  • Construction contract drafting and administration
  • Construction Contracts Act
  • Construction disputes and litigation
  • Potential liability for construction projects
  • Building law regulation
  • Development and financial contributions
  • Planning and development controls including Resource Management Act consents

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