Building Law Regulation

Development on both a large or small scale is regulated by the Building Act 2004 under which local authorities manage the inspection and certification regime.  The Act aims to ensure that building work is carried out safely, with people's well-being and sustainability in mind and to promote the accountability of owners, designers, builders and local authorities in meeting their responsibilities under the Act.

Property owners and builders have responsibilities under the Act to ensure that building consents are sought where required. Building consents are required for various stages in each development. If you attempt to sell your property without a current code compliance certificate, you may be in for a big shock when it comes to negotiating a price. In terms of making claims in respect of building work, the Act includes a longstop provision of 10 years.

The law in this area is changing and remains under review so that particular care is required for consent authorities and applicants.

Brookfields has extensive expertise in this area and can provide expert advice to local authorities, companies, building practitioners and individuals where building compliance issues arise.

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