Debt Recovery

If you are finding it difficult to recover an outstanding debt, you may find that an experienced third party will save you time and money. We have developed an efficient service to recover outstanding debts for our corporate, public sector and private clients.

A demand from a law firm is often all that is needed to recover the debt. We have a high degree of success with initial telephone discussions, letters of demand and statutory demands.

For more stubborn debtors, the issuing of court proceedings may be necessary to demonstrate how far you are prepared to go to recover outstanding moneys. In many instances, the service of court proceedings will result in payment of the debt.

In the rare cases where this does not work, we can give you plain advice of the costs and chances of success in litigating - in whichever court is necessary. And then, we can help you enforce any judgment obtained.

What we do:

  • Initial consultation and advice on debt recovery prospects
  • Contact with debtors to request payment
  • Follow up correspondence/contact
  • Negotiation and mediation with debtors
  • Issuing of statutory demands and/or filing of proceedings
  • Representation in court/tribunal proceedings
  • Enforcement of judgments

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