Employment Agreements

All employees must have a written employment agreement and failure to comply with this requirement can lead to an award of a penalty against the employer. There are a number of compulsory provisions which must be included in an employment agreement by law including hours of work and place of work, for example.

Additionally, there are a number of provisions which we recommend should be included, to provide flexibility and protection for employers, such as, trial periods for new employees or business interruption clauses.

If you are an employee faced with signing a new employment agreement or renegotiating an existing one, it is important that you clearly understand that you have both rights and duties under that agreement. You should think carefully before signing any legal document and an employment agreement is no exception. We can help you understand what the implications will be and suggest some areas for negotiation if necessary.

What we do:

  • Draft effective employment agreements
  • Negotiate collective employment agreements
  • Review proposed agreements and negotiate better terms for individuals
  • Advise on legislative compliance

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