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Why have a Will?

on Wednesday, 08 June 2016. Posted in Private Client Advisory

Why have a Will?
  • You die with a partner and no children but with living parents. Your estate is distributed with your partner receiving the personal chattels, the prescribed amount (currently $155,000), and two thirds of the residue of the estate. Your parents receive in equal shares the remaining one third of the estate.
  • You die with a partner and children. Your partner receives the personal chattels and the prescribed amount but your partner now receives a one third share of the residue and the remaining two thirds is held for your children.

Brookfields Laweyrs first advice to everyone – your will is not something you should put off until another day. If you want the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are being looked after as you would wish then it is imperative that you take the time to make or review your will.

For more information or assistance about Wills please contact Alison Gilbert, Partner on (649) 979 2253 or .


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