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Sleepovers - Workers Should Be Paid

Created: Thursday, 17 March 2011 19:35

Yesterday's Court of Appeal decision upheld an Employment Court ruling, which found that workers doing overnight sleepover shifts should be paid the adult minimum wage for every hour of the shift (currently $12.75 per hour).

After last year's Employment Court decision, the appellant, Idea Services (an IHC subsidiary), was placed in statutory management by the Government with tens of millions of dollars in backdated wages owing. In anticipation of yesterday's ruling, other providers took immediate steps to mitigate their loss by reducing their overheads and changing their remuneration arrangements. At the time, the Health Ministry said the ruling would cost between $400m and $500m to cover five years of back-pay for all providers.

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Employment Law Changes – Is Your Business Ready?

Created: Thursday, 17 February 2011 07:40

And so we ready ourselves for another set of employment law changes, which come into effect on 1 April 2011. The Employment Relations Amendment Bill (No. 2) and Holidays Amendment Bill will require employers to review employment agreements and policies to bring them into line with the amendments. Here is a summary of these changes, together with our recommendations about the changes that you should (or could) make, depending on your business needs.

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