Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate impacts most of Brookfields' clients. Most of our clients own their own home. Many of our clients purchase residential property as part of their investment portfolio. There is a view that conveyancing is formulaic and can be done by anyone. From our experience of later picking up the pieces, this is often not the case. Modern property purchasing is complex. Property titles are complex and require careful investigation of the encumbrances on them. And often it is important to know what is not on a title which should be there, such as a missing easement for a party wall or use of a driveway. We have seen a range of mistakes that could have been avoided by timely advice.

Whether buying or selling a residential property as a home or for investment, the procedure can be stressful, although often for different reasons. The purchase of a home inevitably contains an element of emotion. Sale or purchase of investment property should be devoid of emotion but often when caught in the turmoil of negotiation, emotion and stress occur. Even if you have been through it all before, dealing with estate agents, keeping up with changes to the law and tougher requirements from lending institutions can all create unexpected issues that add stress to what should be an exciting time.

Brookfields' Private Client Advisory team provides access to experienced professionals with a wealth of experience in all aspects of a residential property purchase or sale. From the role of the estate agent, preparing and signing an agreement, through to the day of settlement, we recognise the importance of getting timely accurate advice from the right person at the right level to ensure that your purchase or sale proceeds as smoothly as possible.

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