Venture Capital

Consulting an experienced commercial lawyer is critical when you are considering seeking venture capital finance, or if you are considering investing in a business venture. There are different structures and contractual arrangements that can apply in any given situation.

Venture capital funding is equity funding usually obtained to give a company funds to grow its business. It can be obtained at almost any stage in a company's growth history but tends to be early stage. The investor subscribes for shares in the company and usually provides management assistance by introducing the company to contacts and through input at board level.

Although this kind of funding can allow your project to get off the ground, anyone seeking venture capital needs to be aware that a venture capitalist will expect to be treated more as a joint venture partner and not just as a source of funds. They will expect to have a say and some may even take over control of the company.

The venture capitalist will also need to have a clear route to exit its investment, usually by selling its shares, within a specified time limit.

Our commercial and business lawyers will help businesses and investors to fully understand these needs and how to structure transactions to take advantage of the opportunities. We will advise on the risks and give you a clear picture of your options.]

What we do:

  • Consider and suggest appropriate structures and alternatives
  • Assist with due diligence
  • Draft and review the documentation such as shareholder and subscription agreements
  • Finance documentation including preparation and registration of securities
  • Assist with any restructuring required

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