Workplace Policies

Policies are generally not compulsory in terms of the law but they can be useful to set workplace expectations and by their nature they reflect the culture of a workplace and so need to be drafted accordingly. Policies are a flexible way to record matters which the employer may wish to change over time, such as (for example) guidelines around a bonus scheme.

In today's rapidly changing technological world, policies can be a useful way of dealing with risks associated with increasing internet access and communications. Email, web browsing and social network policies are necessary for business risk management purposes. Harassment and bullying policies can also protect both the employer and the employees.

Because they are so specific to the particular workplace, there isn't a "one size fits all" template for policies. We draft tailored policies to fit the employer's needs

What we do:

  • Review existing policies;
  • Review workplace environment and suggest other policies which may be required;
  • Draft policies to fit the employment and advise on their implementation;
  • Advise on failures to abide by policies;

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